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All of the ingredients used in our sun care are vegan and our ingredients are plant-based.

According to Dr Hennie Du Plessis, the sunscreen is 99.9% natural and + 0.1% Sodium Benzoate. By regulations a product is classified as “natural” when 95% or more of the ingredients are natural.  Therefore, our sunscreen is natural but not 100% natural.

What is Sodium Benzoate?

It is a preservative used to extend the shelf life. In small concentrations as seen in our sunscreen, Sodium Benzoate is deemed safe by the FDA (GRAS).

All the raw materials are sourced and purchased from locally accredited suppliers in South Africa.

Our sunscreen's Sun Protection Factor is sitting at 50, the highest protection one can get. Don't be fooled into thinking that there is a higher protection out there, this is fake news.

The 50 in SPF 50 refers to the amount of protection the sun screen offers compared to unprotected skin.

SPF 50+ sunscreens are formulated to allow less damaging rays to reach your skin’s surface than lower SPF sunscreens. For example, when applied correctly, SPF30+ allows 3.3% of UVB rays to reach your skin while SPF 50+ allows only 2% to reach your skin.

This may not sound like much of a difference, but over a lifetime of UV exposure, it all adds up.

Our sunscreen is Hawaii 104 Reef-Compliant.

We aim to protect our ocean environment, more specifically our coral reefs as much as possible.


Hawaii 104 Reef Compliance is a set of strict regulations established by the Hawaiian government to protect its precious coral reefs and marine ecosystems. The goal is to minimize the negative impact of sunscreen ingredients on coral reefs, as research has shown that certain chemicals can be harmful to these delicate underwater ecosystems.

EEZYSUN has made sure that it's sun care products are all Hawaii 104 Reef Compliant.

Our main actives include (1) Zinc Oxide 9.5% and (2) Titanium Dioxide 3.5%.

These act as filters that protect the skin by deflecting the UVA and UVB rays.

Glycerin is a natural compound and acts as a humectant which is a moisturizing agent that draws moisture from the air around and helps keep the moisture in the skin.  Research has shown that glycerin mimics the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) which is why it Is compatible with all types of skin and ages of skin.

Glycerin has a long history of safe use, and is considered non-allergenic and suitable for breakout-prone skin. It is generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

Glycerin in our products is derived from:

PalmSoyCoconut Oil

The misconception with the word “Sulphates” being negative, stems from the Hair Care Industry.  Sulphates can be found in many forms or compounds and not all of these forms/compounds have negative health effects. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a Sulphate compound that exists in the Hair Care Industry, and it has qualities,  which from studies, have found to bring about health concerns.

Whereas Barium Sulphate (INCI name), which is found in our products, is a natural mineral (Baryte or Barite) straight from the earth and is a completely different chemical compound that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This ingredient is harmless. It can be used daily, for example it will be used by medical practitioners when they do scans. The patient is asked to swallow the Barium Sulphate two hours before the scan to form a layer on the intestines so that they scan can be completed effectively.

All our ingredients have been sourced ethically with relevant RSPO certifications from all of our suppliers.

There should be no concerns with using a product that contains essential oil as a fragrance as it is natural and will not cause any irritations with sensitive skin type.

However, like all cosmetic products, there may be a concern for those who may be allergic to the specific essential oils used. The consumer should just be aware of their allergies and take precaution.

No not at all it. All of the essential oils are natural and are plant-derived.

No, our products are not certified organic.

Of course! No testing on any animals here.

Yes, our packaging of the tubes, snap packets and boxes are all recyclable.

Please check the back of all the packaging to find out at what level they can be recycled.

All of EEZYSUN products have been FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved, meaning that the products have gone through a regulatory processes and meet the FDA's safety and effectiveness standards for use in the United States.

Our sun care products have an expiry date of 3 years.

However, if stored in the right conditions (i.e. below 25℃  and away from excessive heat/light) it can last longer.

All of our products have gone through multiple sensitivity tests to make sure that they are ideal for those with all different types of skin conditions, including those with sensitive skin types.

 Our products have also been tested and approved by Dermatologists.

Absolutely not! We have received lots of positive feedback on this matter.

Our formula is non-oily and water/sweat resistant, meaning that it is ideal for those wanting to do some exercise or sport in the blazing sun. It will not run into your eyes when sweating or when swimming.

It is extremely important to reapply sunscreen and no level of SPF will allow for one time application.

With our sunscreen you should reapply after every two hours and after every 40 minutes if swimming or extreme sweating.

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