Note from the CEO: Sun shines for EezySun

It seems like just yesterday that we had the idea for EezySun. I was doing what I love most, out sailing – and I had done it again. I had left my bottle of sun block at home and I was getting roasted! Right then and there we decided to pursue a business opportunity: a unique convenience packaging for sun screen.


So much has happened since then. We went through many months of research and development as well as detailed investigation of the local and international markets. When we developed the “snap sachet” we knew this was something could really help people stay protected from the sun. But we knew the sun screen itself had to be top quality and we employed a leading cosmetic’s chemical engineer to formulate a best-in-class cream. The formulation is now CANSA approved, as well as FDA and EU compliant.

Production of our product started in early 2016 with roll out to the large retailers in September of 2016. All indications are, that EezySun will soon be available in over a thousand large retailer and convenient stores in Southern Africa.

Since then the brand has grown considerably both locally and on the international front with many of the other major retailers in South Africa still coming on board and showing interest in our unique product.

Much of our marketing strategy revolves around the education of our population regarding the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, including the various SPF factors available in the market and what they mean. We are proud to be associated with CANSA in this regard.

But most of all, we’re proud to be marketing a product that helps people stay safe by allowing them to ensure they’re never caught short in the harmful radiation of the sun.

Toni de Villiers


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