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How to Apply Sunscreen Like a Pro

Woman runner applying sunscreen
Applying sunscreen on your face can be tricky business. It’s one of the most important steps in your skincare routine, and if done wrong, it could not only lead to sunburn but also clogged pores and breakouts. So, how do you apply sunscreen like a pro? Let’s find out!
How to apply sunscreen

The Three P's of Sunscreen Application

When applying sunscreen to your face, there are three Ps that you should keep in mind: Prep, Product, and Protection. Let’s talk about each one in more detail.

1. Prep

Before applying any sunscreen on your face, make sure you cleanse it thoroughly with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. This will help ensure that all dirt and oil is removed from the skin so that the sunscreen can be properly absorbed. Additionally, using a toner or essence can help prep the skin by balancing pH levels so that the sunscreen doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Check out this Hydrating Toner from Skin Creamery, it's one of our top choices. 

2. Product

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen for your face, opt for one with an SPF of at least 30 or higher. Additionally, look for non-comedogenic formulas that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. If you have dry skin, go for something more hydrating like a lotion or cream formula; if you have oily skin opt for a lightweight gel or spray-on formula instead. Lastly, if you plan to be outdoors for long periods of time (say 4+ hours) make sure to use a water-resistant formula as well—even if it’s cloudy outside!  Our SPF50 Mineral Sunscreen is exactly what you'll need to make sure you are getting the right protection for your skin. Need one for you kids? Well then the SPF50 Babies & Kids Sunscreen is your best bet.

3. Protection 

Now that you have prepped your face and chosen the right product let’s talk about application techniques! Always start with a coin-sized amount of sunscreen (or two pumps). Start at the forehead area and work downwards towards the nose area using gentle circular motions until all areas are evenly covered in product. You can use more product if needed but remember less is more when it comes to this stuff! Once done with application don't forget to apply some on your neck area as well; don't forget those pesky back of the neck lines either!  Finally allow 1-2 minutes after application before heading out into direct sunlight so that your skin has enough time to absorb the product properly!
Face Sunscreen
Applying sunscreen on your face doesn’t have to be intimidating when done correctly! Following these simple steps will help ensure proper protection from UV rays while also keeping breakouts at bay—win win! So next time you head outside don't forget to follow our three P's (prepping, product selection & protection) before stepping into direct sunlight—your skin will thank you later!

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