Being a sailor and spending a lot of time in the sun, almost always forgetting the sunscreen, one of our founding members would inevitably end up buying yet another expensive bottle of sunscreen. Discussing this with one of his fellow sailors they came up with the idea of putting sunscreen in sachets small enough to carry on them without any inconvenience. In early 2014, they decided to investigate the possibility of creating such a product and taking it to market. He undertook the task of finding a sunscreen supplier and a possible sachet manufacturer for this idea. His search took him all over South Africa.

After establishing a company in 2015, and with not much success at finding a working solution at the time, He was introduced to BioEarth Laboratories in Somerset West. Not only did they manufacture top quality sunscreen, but they also manufactured the unique “snap sachet” - a world first and globally patented innovation. The snap sachet was the size of a credit card and was easy to open without any mess like the conventional sachets. They realized that a mutually beneficial synergy existed and a working partnership was established in 2016 which saw the product was on the shelves of two of the largest pharmaceutical retailers in South Africa.